Center for Comparative Studies in Animal Health and Welfare (CECSBE)

Created in March 2014, CECSBE develops work in research, teaching, and extension activities in animal welfare at the University of São Paulo.


To improve animal welfare through studies of the prenatal and neonatal environment.


  • Symposia are held on Animal Welfare Legislation
  • One Health, One Welfare I took place in March 2015, bringing together multidisciplinary groups of researchers from the United Kingdom and Brazil
  • Weekly seminars are held during the school term, Thursdays from 12:30 to 13:30

Supervising professor

Ph.D. Adroaldo J. Zanella


Mariana B. Perozzi Gameiro



Denis Sato

Marisol Parada Sarmiento

Sharacely Farias

Thiago Bernardino


Jivago Moretto Pedra

Leandro Sabei

Laura Pinseta

Initiation to scientific research

Lays Verona Miranda

CECSBE collaborators

Beatriz Kaori Tojo Costa

Fábio Luís Henrique

Frederico Augusto Mazzocca Lopes Rodrigues

Jéssica Leitão

Jéssyca Beraldi Bellinazzi

Márcia I. Grapeggia Zanella

Mariana Picotez

Mariana Ramos Queiroz

Steffan Edward Octávio Oliveira

Technicians CECSBE/VPS

João Augusto Metzner

José Roberto Devitto