São Paulo School of Advanced Science in Arbovirology

SPSAS-Arbovirology aims to provide the student with a critical and comprehensive view on the state of the art of arboviruses, with a special focus on Dengue, Zika and CHKV.
  • Quando 29/05/2017 to 09/06/2017 (America/Sao_Paulo / UTC-300)
  • Onde São José do Rio Preto, SP
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In the first days we will have lectures with the bases and state of the art of several facets of arbovirology. We will speak of the fundamentals of arbovirology, with Keynote Speaker Dr. Bob Tesh who contextualized the whole origin and evolution of arbovirology. Following we have Dr. Weaver and Sall showing the basic aspects of arbovirology in the Americas, Asia and Africa, the origin and evolution of the different arboviruses of human interest, focusing on Zika, Dengue and CHKV. 

After the contextualization of the viruses we have the different interfaces of the interaction between microbioma, virus and human host. Dr. Sesma, Garmanik, and Teixeira will show the interplay between the virus and the host and their immune system. Dr. Dimopoulos, Christophides and Souza-Neto will next present the virus-vector interaction and its relation with the dynamics and control of transmission of these diseases.

Closing the first module we have the current situation of epidemiology / clinical aspects and arboviruses research in Brazil and especially in SP. In addition to the guest presentations a number of oral presentations (15 minutes) will be made by the SP School students.


Faculdade de Medicina de São José do Rio Preto - FAMERP 
Address: Avenida Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 15091-240 São José do Rio Preto