Laboratory of Applied Preventive Veterinary Medicine (LMVPA)

Laboratory located in the Veterinary Medicine Teaching Block of FZEA-USP, Campus Fernando Costa – USP/Pirassununga. It includes molecular biology, serology, parasitology, and virology sections.

The laboratory focuses on research of pathogenic agents in production animals, pets, and wild animals. Practical classes, diagnostic services, and research are conducted at the laboratory.

Supervising professors and lines of research

Prof. Dra. Helena Lage Ferreira (

Prof. Dra. Lara Borges Keid (

Prof. Dra. Trícia Maria Ferreira de Sousa Oliveira (

Infectious and parasitic diseases:

Avian virology: emergence, virus-host interaction, viral metagenomics

Epidemiology and control of tuberculosis and brucellosis in domestic and wild animals

Epidemiology, immunology, diagnosis, and control of leishmaniasis

Epidemiology and diagnosis of infectious and parasitic diseases of pets

LMVPA collaborators

Prof. Dr. Ana Maria Centola Vidal (

Prof. Dr. Vera Letticie de Azevedo Ruiz (