Research and Extension

Lines of research

The projects performed by postgraduate students are included in one or more of the program’s lines of research. Our lines of research are:

  • Socioeconomic and cultural evaluation of the health-disease process
  • Development and optimization of experimental biological models
  • Development and optimization of quantitative methods
  • Development and optimization of diagnostic and molecular epidemiology resources
  • Development and optimization of therapeutic and prophylactic resources
  • Viral diarrheas of domestic animals: diagnosis, epidemiology, and control
  • Arthropod- and helminth-transmitted diseases and protozoonoses: diagnosis, epidemiology, and control
  • Hygiene, health, and technological quality of products of animal origin

Infrastructure and laboratories

In addition to the laboratories, the department infrastructure includes a wireless network, dedicated internet servers, a long-distance teaching platform, a computer room for students equipped with printer and scanner, study areas, and seminar and video conference rooms.

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Postdoctoral Program at PPG Epidemio

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Defended theses

The titles of defended theses and the names of students and their respective advisors can be found here.

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