Postdoctoral Program at PPG Epidemio

Interested in doing the postdoctoral program with PPG Epidemio's excellence research, first check out some of the items in RESOLUTION CoPq Nº 7406, October 03, 2017, which regulates the postdoctoral studies at the University of São Paulo (USP):

  • Have a doctorate obtained for a maximum of 7 years;
  • Present a Research Project and a Work Plan;
  • To complete the Program, it is necessary to comply with the minimum workload of 960 hours and present a final report adhering to the Work Plan approved by the Supervisor and the Research Committee;
  • Participation in the Post-Doctoral Program does not generate an employment or functional link between the University and the postdoctoral fellow;
  • The final report must be delivered no later than 60 days after the end date. If it is not delivered within this period, the postdoc will be closed and the certificate will not be issued.

In addition, the researcher interested in joining PPG Epidemio must enroll in the Post-Doctoral Program of FMVZ and follow the rules of the Research Committee of FMVZ, for this click here

Circular Letter 005/2018/PRP clarifies that as of June 2018, the Postdoctoral Program will be implemented in the USP Athena System